Dorado is a global company providing Innovative Digital Solutions through Immersive Technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Extended Reality (XR), integrated with Adaptive Devices. Innovative, integrated, and impactful learning solutions are the key to success in today’s era.

We are committed to transforming, how the learning content is delivered and consumed globally in academic institutes, and enterprises by adaptive learning and fulfilling human curiosity about exploring beyond reality.

We offer, engaging immersive experience that could present real opportunities for Learning and Development. Our company’s vision is to become the next sizeable change for education & training, which involves upliftment of students, upskilling Of Workforce, creating a safer work environment, and personalized experiential engagement for internal and external stakeholders through immersive technologies.

We provide visual storyboards, and an end to end development Of 3D, AR, VR, MR, and XR based interactive modules for K-12, higher education, vocational-technical training, corporate behavioral training, and Productivity Improvements.

Immersive Technologies

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High fidelity 3D assets & interactive simulations

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Augmented Reality

Augmenting reality for enhanced information, learning and collaboration

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Virtual Reality

Creating high end interactive, immersive, realistic simulations in virtual world

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360 VR Videos

Experience a place, or product in the 360 virtual world

Immersive Solutions for Learning & Development


Academics (K12, Higher Ed)

Experiencing the concepts school
and universities. Consider using
Virtual reality for a K12 topic like
Fiber to fabric or The Egypt

How Virtual & Augmented Reality can be implemented in-Occupational Health-and-Safety

Technical & Vocational Training

Provide practical experiential
training. Seeing is believing – Doing
is Learning

Behavioral Training through Immersive Technologies

Behavioral Training

Science for Learned behavior.
Experience how to perform in
different situations through
Immersive technologies.

Occupational Health & Safety

Learn how to prevent and mitigate
environmental safety risks. A real life
disaster can be prevented with the
help of Virtual environment.

Working Together

Benefits of Immersive Learning

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Faster Learning

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Experiential Learning

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Greater Retention

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Safety & Risk Mitigation

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Makes Impossible Accessible

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Real Time Assessment

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Cost Efficiency

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Optimized Logistics

Industry Sectors

Dorado Learning provides Immersive solutions across a variety of industries. Our digital solutions are structured and designed for increasing the experiential learning, retention of knowledge, productivity of users, while simultaneously focusing on lowering the cost of the training and relevant industry processes through immersive and experiential solutions in a controlled environment.

Industry sectors we serve in the segment of Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality are K12 school & higher education, oil & gas, power, consumer & retail, automotive, medical, and manufacturing.