MOBILE TECHNOLOGY is changing the world and our experience of it. Mobile learning allows for a spectrum of possibilities that were not present before, and they continue to evolve.

At Dorado, we aim to deliver appropriate and relevant learning anywhere, anytime, and any place. Our mobile learning solutions help to deliver academic and corporate training, performance support applications, game-based learning solutions, and simulation-based learning. With more and more organizations adopting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, employees are encouraged to use mobile devices at work.

Key Features

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Learning Nuggets

Dorado offers bit sized mobile learning interactive capsules to covers specific concepts, scenarios and principles

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Responsive eLearning Design

Responsive design adjust different mobile size and resolution automatically, ensuring that every learner receives the same experience.

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Wearable Technology Integration

Refurbish your existing simulations or scenarios into interactive experiences through wearable technology. Google glass, Oculus rift, HTC vive, we do it all!

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Geo-Location based Learning Repository

Allowing mobile Geo-Location access, helps throwing location based content to the learner from repository. Fabulous solution for organizations based in multiple countries.

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Training On-the-Go

Either you are going to office or any other place, anywhere, anytime learning possibility is the primary feature of Mobile eLearning. Your gadget is accompanied everywhere.

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BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

Tremendous rise in BYOD by organizations makes mobile learning an important tool for learning. HTML5 content can be played on any existing device without breaking the resolution.

Advantages Of Mobile Learning

The right solution is to adapt Responsive eLearning Framework, which helps in developing responsive eLearning and performance support involvement across multiple devices quickly and easily. Dorado has already adapted Responsive eLearning Framework for its primary clients, as it is reusable and flexible, and can easily be customized to meet your specific eLearning requirements. The ROI can easily be evaluated by implementing an eLearning on multiple devices, specifically, when your organization have a BYOD “Bring Your Own Device” policy.

  • Multi Device Compatible
  • Content Localization
  • Social Media Integration
  • Multiple Delivery Options
  • Accessibility Support
  • Easy BYOD implementation
  • Template Library
  • Learning Anytime and Anywhere