After school education students must enter the domain of higher education where they must select the career path that they wish to take. Often the most misunderstood concept here is of learning itself. Higher education is not the mere earning of a degree which would enable the holder to post graduation diploma/degree and launch into a professional career. Higher education is about learning the intricacies of a subject and also understanding how they apply in the real world.

In this regard, higher education serves as a launching pad for students from where they can enter into professional domains armed with a strong theoretical base and a decent understanding of the practical applicability of their selected subjects. Moving away from the traditional forms of education which use textbooks, blackboards, pens and paper, Dorado Learning offers colleges and higher education institutions the opportunity to imbibe high-end technology in their classrooms and provide education to their students which is at par with the top universities in the world.


Key Features

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Learning Nuggets

Dorado offers bit sized mobile learning interactive capsules to covers specific concepts, scenarios and principles

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Responsive eLearning Design

Responsive design adjust different mobile size and resolution automatically, ensuring that every learner receives the same experience.

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Wearable Technology Integration

Refurbish your existing simulations or scenarios into interactive experiences through wearable technology. Google glass, Oculus rift, HTC vive, we do it all!

Advantages Of Higher Education

From high-end medical to engineering animations, through the use of technology and software, students can better understand concepts and apply them more effectively to the world. For example, a program designed to demonstrate effects of 3D geometry on real world structures would directly help students in understanding the significance of the subject. Similarly, understanding the impact of societal changes simulated over a given number of years would make understanding prevalence of social preferences easier for sociology students.

Dorado Learning’s highly experienced development team makes customized programs and software that assist both teachers and students in engaging with the subject in a more wholesome, immersive and integrative manner than any traditional form of education could provide.