Dorado Learning is a custom E-Learning solution company with a mission to “Augment Human Capital”. Despite being amongst a highly experienced team in Education Technology Industry, We hold a startup mindset.

Dorado Learning is a credible learning needs and performance support solutions provider driven by the mission to ‘augment human capital.’

At Dorado Learning, we offer a digital solution portfolio that is a dynamic blend of traditional and modern learning approaches, including but not limited to web-based training (WBT), instructor-led training (ILT), virtual ILT, mobile learning, gamification, immersive learning, and eLearning apps. We also have a proven performance history in the Education Technology industry, founded on our wide range of knowledge base, skill sets, and technologies. The Dorado Learning team of content development experts is widely acclaimed for creating learning material that aids the augmentation of the users’ skill sets and knowledge index. Central to this objective is the use of engagement techniques and interactive strategies to make learning fascinating and motivating. 

Our bespoke content keeps the audience connected to the curriculum through custom learning solutions that involve the user throughout the learning process.

We occupy a singular space in designing learning material in contemporary HTML5 format for delivery in multiple devices at unprecedented speed and scale. 



Dorado Learning excels in creating bespoke content for each audience type. For maximizing the transformational learning experience, we follow a structured eLearning framework. Before developing the content and UI/UX, we create a roadmap outlining our customers’ needs, centered around learning, exploring, practising, applying, and recognising skill enhancement and behavioural transformation.

Our custom solution is not restricted to using traditional learning methodologies; the analysis includes a report to present the content through varied technologies, such as Rapid Authoring, gaming, AR, VR, or MR. 

In the initial phase, we also map the suitable level of inter-activities or immersion. We provide you with content that would completely befit your requirements and enable the learner to comprehend the articulated subject comprehensively.

Mobile E-Learning

With dramatic changes in the learning style, learning on-the-go or mobile learning (mLearning) is the next gen method to make sure learners can access and process learning material anywhere, anytime. mLearning offers the advantage of a ubiquitous, bite-sized, contextual, and application-oriented learning ecosystem that is lively and captivating.

At Dorado Learning, we use responsive authoring technologies such as HTML5 to develop and deliver mLearning programs over the most popular platforms in the world to cater to the impulsive need of learners to acquire knowledge.

Instructor Led Training (ILT and Virtual ILT)

Since ILTs continue to remain the primary training delivery format in many organizations worldwide because of the real-time human interaction and hands-on practice opportunities they offer, we cater to all levels of learning needs in a face-to-face synchronous learning environment.

Our ILTs are structured around engaging stories, scenarios, case studies, and live demos for transferring real world advantages to learners. For application-oriented learning, we punctuate content with hands-on practice exercises, role plays, and situated learning games. 

In response to the growing demand for virtual interactive learning sessions and multi-channel learning preferences, we also design Virtual ILTs to provide the benefits of human interaction effectively to a dispersed population. Our VILT’s are designed using the latest methodologies, tools, and technologies.


To make learning collaborative and fun, we apply game design principles to non-game activities. Through measured use of challenges, points, levels, leaderboard, achievement badges, and progress chart, our gamified learning material is focused on making the learning process attractive. 

Dorado Learning is committed to delivering value to learners by offering self-directed content that encourages reflection and decision making with increased focus on the subject. 

Immersive Learning (AR, VR, MR and XR)

In the current dynamic learning environment, learning is not just limited to information recall; practising and experiencing new knowledge and skills are the new competitive distinguishers.

Immersive learning provides the perfect response to this requirement, where learners find themselves in a simulated environment, undergoing experiences both physically and virtually. This activates the learning process.

Dorado Learning has the expertise and skill set to create highly interactive and learner-directed content using immersive techniques, such as VR, AR, MR, and XR to help learners enhance their understanding and knowledge of abstract concepts. We specialize in creating effective simulations and exceptionally high quality learning experiences in AR, VR, MR and XR.

E-Learning Apps

With all learning barriers falling, much of the learning is happening through mobiles. mLearning is the new learning environment, as most of the content is increasingly being accessed through mobiles. The natural necessity, therefore, are mobile learning apps. 

In step with the demand and aligned to our adaptive evolution philosophy, we design mLearning apps that are scalable to accommodate the increment in the number of users as well as to new versions of the operating system.

To facilitate learning, the UI and UX of our mLearning apps are designed to be learner-centric. We also enable push notifications to keep learners subtly engaged. 

In view of the core objective of driving higher receptivity and information retention, we design tiny, digestible pieces of information.

Our mLearning apps are, therefore, designed for micro learning and learning management services.

K-12 Digital Content Solutions

Uptake of learning has taken a significant digital curve in the last few decades. Many digital learning formats have also swept the school education landscape.

Dorado Learning is a market leader in using technology as an enabler for school education. We design K-12 solutions that are pedagogically sound and delivered through animations, videos, games, interactive exercises, quizzes, virtual labs, and virtual and augmented reality to enrich the learning experience and outcomes. 

Our ability to design high definition 2D and 3D K-12 digital content makes Dorado Learning a preferred K-12 content development partner.

E-Learning Consulting

A topliner eLearning company, Dorado Learning offers a range of services to its customers, including custom content development expertise, learning platforms, and the advice and support required to make these solutions work. 

We strive to first understand our customers’ learning needs and then design custom learning solutions that can successfully trigger productivity in end users.

Our learning strategies are aligned to the training goal and intended outcome. We take into consideration the learning preferences to suitably employ the tools and technologies and determine the delivery format.