We at Dorado Learning are a dynamic team weaving creative threads of success using content, data and technology. We unleash potential of organizations and energize their journey to know and align with their customers. Our plethora of 2D and 3D animated contents has numerous ways of sharing the information to the audience. Like other fields, our presence in medical and healthcare field is giving the vital push to organizations for extending themselves to seamless boundaries.

For medical e-learning content, we offer a spectrum of human body 3D animation along with other 2D and 3D learning modules. The medical domain is a domain in where complex learning is an ongoing process. Usually this learning involves understanding of complex physiological systems, varied medical terminologies, and at the same time developing adaptive expertise and acquiring the collaborative skills required in multidisciplinary medical practice. It involves enhanced competencies that enable the individual to effectively perform occupational activities to the standards and leading towards perfectionism in the professional environment.

Key Features

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sales Training

Surgical 3D Videos or Simulated Trainings

Medical Equipment or Product Trainings with Simulations

Medical Animations, Interactive or non-interactive

Medical WBT’s (Rapid Development with Assessments)

Instructor Led Trainings for Classroom

eLearning for Pharma Industry

Pharmaceutical industry, being a regulated one, needs to be compliant in every phase of drug development. Pharmaceuticals, R&D and biotechnology companies have to comply with the regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical regulatory authorities.  The drugs or products being manufactured by these companies should be safe for use, Information storage as well as training of personnel’s for such elaborative and complex tasks requires enormous amount of money and effort in training’s.

We played the role of Learning Management System (LMS) to roll out many online training solutions for complex topics for medical, Pharma and healthcare companies. Our web-based solutions given to Pharma and Medical organizations have been making tremendous impact to the learners as we share information you can trust, practical advice and standards to aspire to. Form complex structures to invisible ideas of medical sciences, our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) invent the perfect model and method to translate it into solutions which are easy to comprehend.