APPARATUS is an ‘SAAS’ based educational ERP solution using innovative Cloud technology for high end performance and unbreakable security. For any educational institution Apparatus is a complete application covering entire working processes with 180 power tools integrated in 35 working modules.

The sole purpose is to make a system which can be Automated with various working functionality, Integrated with smart technology and hardware, Empower administration with real-time information and Connect all stakeholders.

No Major Investment needed

‘Apparatus’ is a cloud based solution, which completely eradicate initial client investment on servers, firewall and other Software.There is no major investment required to implement this solution .

100% uptime and backup

Unlike on-premise software, our ERP doesn’t get disrupted by barring monthly maintenance scheduled at convenient times. Hence a hassle free usage with monthly encrypted backups.

Robust and Scalable

Most ERP when implemented, despite claims can support a few logins. As data and no. of users increase, more investment for server is needed. Our System allows unlimited usage leveraging advantage of cloud.

Service Oriented Solution

We at Dorado take pride in our Service network and compatibilities. Our service cost includes license fee, implementation cost, online Support cost, and data migration cost.

Customized Application

We understand that every institution is unique and used to have their own working environments, so we provide a customized product so that the system does not change the current process but work to automate them to save time and remove their pain area.

Regular updates.

This is a robust system and we keep our products technology updated through regular updates. The updates are easily implemented as this is a cloud based solution.

Why use Apparatus?

Helping 100+ Schools Globally

A SAAS based School ERP with Android and iOS Apps for faster performance and desired reporting results

Enhanced Managerial Control

The application offers an enhanced Managerial control and timely Audits

No Setup Fees

SAAS based solution offers monthly packages, with zero setup fees.

Automated & Simplified Processes

Automation improves Tie-ins with Students and Parents resulting in improved coordination.

Efficient Performance Analysis

Apparatus offers an Efficient Performance Analysis and Centralized customized reporting features.

Reduce Discrepant and Redundant Data

Unique filters to reduce the Discrepant and Redundant Data for specific reporting system.