INSTRUCTOR-LED TRAINING (ILT) facilitated in a classroom setting or online ILT offers the student a hands-on experience and enables interaction with the facilitator and other participants to exchange ideas and question learning material. Instructor-Led Training (ILT) is one of the best mediums of learning. The benefits of classroom training are enormous, and there are certain benefits of classroom teaching that it simply cannot replace.

Fundamental human interactions with the instructor and face-to-face discussions are often the most efficient form of training. The reason is that the Instructors will be able to convey passion, customized valuable learning resources; this can easily be accomplished both through ILT and virtual ILT (vILT) sessions.

Traditional Classroom replaced by dynamic ILT’s can be a mix of Text, Media, Info-graphics, Engaging Activities, and Simulations.

Dorado Learning helps organizations develop instructional richer, visually engaging, technology-driven, and interactive learning solutions. We design instructor-led learning material for organizations’ educational needs such as Instructor & Participant Guides, Presentations, User Manuals, Job Aid, Video, Audio, and other multimedia content.

Key Features

On Demand SME Support

Domain Specific Subject Matter Experts are either inhouse or on contracts for faster turn around.

ID Strategy Based Content

Experienced ID’s are involved directly with the SME’s to apply ID strategies and conceptualization for desired output.

Content Refurbishing

Refurbish your existing simulations or scenarios into interactive experiences through wearable technology. Google glass, Oculus rift, HTC vive, we do it all!

Embedded Simulations

We embed simulations directly to the content presentation in “Self-Paced” and “Try me” modes.

High End Graphics

Use of high end graphics and info-graphics make the session more appealing.

On Demand Trainers

We provide on demand trainers who were directly involved in developing the ILT’s for the best output.


Dorado Learning is a one-stop solution for ILT development with offices in the USA, Australia, and India. We pride ourselves on providing the industry’s most qualified and experienced instructors that offer the highest-quality training, making sure to apply the course’s concept, principles, and methodologies to the job.

We provide ILT and vILT solutions with embedded Software Simulations designed to suit the target audience’s skill level, schedule, and learning style. We carefully study the training needs and clearly define the training structure, outline, and develop content. We also provide knowledgeable instructors based on the requirements of the client.

Our content development team ensures that the learning material is logically sound and has good sensory appeal for the audience. We create ILT material keeping in mind both the guidelines of instructional design and the learner’s needs. Our strength lies in our in-depth knowledge and experience, which allows us to offer consultation for ILT training.