DORADO LEARNING is a global provider of innovative education technology with its presence in USA, Australia, and India. We are dedicated to transforming how educational content is delivered and consumed globally by fulfilling human curiosity about exploring beyond the reality. We offer an extremely engaging and immersive experience that could present real opportunities for learning and development. The company’s vision is to see Virtual Reality (VR) become a staple crucial for education and training. Dorado is a one stop for your VR, AR and MR project development.

We provide Storyboards and end to end development of VR and AR based k-12 and Higher Education interactive modules.

What We Do

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Virtual Reality

Dorado specializes in custom VR content development as per the customer’s requirements.

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Augmented Reality

Dorado undertakes projects to drive awareness and education through our Augmented Reality (AR) solutions

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360 VR Videos

Dorado creates high fidelity 3D interactive simulations by using cutting edge technology.

VR In Education

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VR In Junior Schools

Elementary education is all about learning through experience. VR technology brings the curriculum to life, from visiting the corners of the world to holding the human heart in the hands

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VR In High Schools

Ensuring students are motivated, challenged, and engaged throughout their school career is a key priority for teachers. VR technology provides students the new ways to experience learning and even create their own media.

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VR for Higher Education

Colleges and universities have always been at the cutting-edge of new technologies, driving development, and creating the next generation of engineers, scientists, and developers. VR technology is at the frontier of development right now and the change is happening at a phenomenal pace