The medical domain is a domain in where complex learning is an ongoing process. Complex learning involves understanding of complex physiological systems, varied medical terminologies, at the same time developing adaptive expertise and acquiring the collaborative skills required in multidisciplinary medical practice. It involves enhanced competencies that enable the individual to effectively perform occupational activities to the standards and leading towards perfectionism in the professional environment.

Pharmaceutical industry, being a regulated one, needs to be compliant in every phase of drug development. Pharmaceuticals, R&D and biotechnology companies have to comply with the regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical regulatory authorities. The drugs or products being manufactured by these companies should be safe for use, Information storage as well as training of personnel’s for such collaborative and complex tasks requires enormous amount of money and effort in training’s.

We played the role of Learning Management System (LMS) to roll out many online training solutions for complex topics for medical, Pharma and healthcare companies. Our web-based solutions given to Pharma and Medical organizations have been making tremendous impact to the learners as we share information you can trust, practical advice and standards to aspire to. Form complex structures to invisible ideas of medical sciences, our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) invent the perfect model and method to translate it into solutions which are easy to comprehend.

The training content from is easy to incorporate in the organization’s system and processes and will thus not hinder the organizational efficiency. Our customized e-learning modules can help these companies for the following:

  • High number of people can undergo web-based training through multiple user login
  • Our detailing of Pharma companies drug-development process can outline and synchronize information for each phase of drug development cycle
  • Various clinical trials also need to be conducted by these companies in due course of time as pre- and post marketing clinical trials. Our drug safety program can teach your teams to handle the protocols better.
  • Assessment of employee effectiveness through training programs can be easily monitored

Mobile learning for all Medical domains:

The widespread use of mobile phones has realized a long-awaited dream: learning at any place, at any time without any location constraints. This class room with invisible boundaries is for example especially interesting in the area of medicine i.e. for vocational training of medical staff and students. As the amount of medical information continues to grow, timely access to information is critical to medical personnel and nothing can be accessed as quickly as a mobile-learning product.  The future of e-learning will be mobile-based and that too will become more adaptive in the future and so that it can deliver educational content based on learners’ exact needs. Mobile learning can also in will be blended with face to face education or even it can be simulation-based learning. He revolutionary mobile-learning platform can also be used as blended learning mechanism where office staff can learn on the desktop  and moving employees can train themselves on mobile with same learning module. The m-learning modules from are opening on major operating systems –I OS, Blackberry and Android.

The ubiquity of mobile devices means that e-learning will always be available to the medical learner. Another charisma is that mobile devices can provide an instant learning mechanism at the point of care. In the future when the doctor has to say that “I don’t know and will tell you later,” a handy e-learning module will make the doctor smile and say I will show you right now!

Medical streams we cater or We aim to connect with you:

Let us bring our specialized services to your team if you belong to one of the following:

  • Pharma and Biotech companies
  • Drug Development
  • Drug Safety, Clinical Research Organization (CRO)

When you have a team of investigators, clinical researchers, coordinators; not only the cohesive networking in these teams become imperative but also the knowledge transfer. The trainings for managing the clinical trials and handling adverse drug reactions (ADR) need understanding of regulatory compliance, operational excellence and team management. The e-learning modules go a long way in overcoming challenges of knowledge transfer.  The guiding principles of pharmacovigilance, including the factors of ADRs, the methods used to collect and evaluate adverse drug reactions, regulations and communication channels for reporting and communications are the key points we summarize in our e-learning training modules.

  • Pharmacovigilance

Let our high end 2D and 3D animations give the best practices in pharmacovigilance working processes, safety assessments and reports, design appropriate pharmacovigilance working methods, and most importantly give a simulation to operate in a highly dynamic and constantly changing environment! At, an array of training modules can give insight to your people to keep you focusing on other aspect of the work:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Sales Force and Marketing
  • Medical and Paramedical Community
  • Institutions
  • University
  • Professionals
  • Medical curriculum
  • Learning by clinical specialty
  • Procedures and techniques
  • Medical Devices
  • Health care Industry
  • Medical staff
  • Paramedical Staff
  • Pharmacists
  • Technicians
  • Staff for Specialized procedures
  • Blood Bank team
  1. Our Core Competencies
  • Simplified Learning Platform Technology
  • Web-based LMS
  • M-learning
  • Blended learning for Medical domains
  • Online tutoring (Virtual Classrooms)
  • 3D and 2D Animations
  • Learning Games
  • Learning by Simulations
  1. Past Work or Case Studies
  1. Who We Are?

We are glad you are here at Our company and people are involved in e-learning, and we care about what people should know and how they should know.  Based in USA and India, our aim is to build teams, which empower people with enhanced knowledge to channelize their learning in doing their best! In this technology-driven learning era, we enforce building a new kind of educational institution where learning can be as interactive as possible and our e-learning modules create virtual class room.

As you know education is no longer a one-time investment at the beginning of one’s career, it’s a lifelong pursuit. In this technology-driven world, whether you manage an enterprise, government agency or educational institution, you will find our e-learning modules building real returns on learning investments.