Children are now being born into a world saturated with technology, and with this change comes a need to change the way they learn.  With little teaching required to use it, technology opens doors for kids around the world to access information so they can learn in a way that they are used to and can benefit them in many ways.

It was reported in 2011 that less than 2% of Asian schools had adopted the use of Interactive Classroom Teaching (ICT) tools, but a look at educational information at future shows that the push for ICT in the area’s market has climbed sharply.  Countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, India, and China are now using the system as the children enjoy the hands-on learning experience.

ICT learning has benefits for both children and the educational system. Many places do not have enough teachers, especially in rural areas where many adults leave to find work in larger, industrial cities, so the classroom sizes can be quite large.  With an ICT program, less teachers are needed to monitor the progress of children, which benefits the children directly as the platform is able to target each child’s abilities and allow him or her to work at level that is focused on the child.  When learning is tailored to a child’s specific abilities, he or she is not held back from finding fulfillment by reaching full potential.  In this way, it is much easier to bring out the best in the children and create life-long learners.

Teachers find benefit in the assessments provided by the system and being able to cover more ground with children at different levels.  With the ICT program, determining a child’s progress is fast and simple because it provides tools for teachers to track each child individually.  This information can also be shared with parents, making it easier for them to track their own children.

Educational systems also benefit from the Interactive Classroom Teaching platform because of its comparatively low cost.  Many people would like to see more teachers trained, but for far too many countries this is not a feasible option, though not to a lack of trying.  Add to that the high costs of text books and the time taken by teachers to create lesson plans and fill in missing information, and it is easy to see how an electronic platform using low cost technology can provide answers to all of these problems.

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