What do you think of when you remember your elementary school experience? Many recall the heavy books that they used to have to lug all the way to and from school. Others may remember the No. 2 pencils they had to have, and that big, fat pink eraser for all the mistakes.

There used to be a lot to keep track of then. Books had to be in good condition when they were returned and you weren’t allowed to highlight them or write in any comments. Thankfully, much has changed since then. What used to be a big book bag loaded down with paper and pencils, is now giving way to tablet PCs and laptops.

Interactive K12 Education For All

A growing number of school systems around the globe are turning to K12 learning online to keep the curriculum as current as they can get and to offset the expense of ordering books for their students. With K12 online courses, there is no need to keep track of books and worry about the depreciation of their condition. Digital learning makes it possible to minimize text investments and drive up the quality of the content.

With interactive K12 education, students of all levels and abilities are able to learn with an adaptive curriculum that gives the student what they need to fill in the skill gaps through pre and post assessments. Teachers are able to view reports of all of the students’ activities in their learning environments, so nothing slips through the cracks in terms of a student falling behind without anyone realizing. 

For the school administrator, advanced reporting with K12 online courses allows a school administrator to see how the student body is performing, as far as curriculum delivery, at any given time. You could never do that with paper tests and books.

K12 Online Schools Make Learning Anywhere Possible

With K12 online courses and online schools, the learner is able to attend their classes wherever they are. There is now no longer a need for a student to sit in classroom. A tablet PC or laptop is all that is needed for excellent curriculum delivery. For children with disabilities that hinder classroom interaction by the student, learning delivery and knowledge transfer is now more possible than ever.

Students in remote areas are able to attend K12 Online Schools wherever they can receive an Internet connection. Where some students around the globe have resigned them to a substandard education before, now they are able to learn, grow and compete academically with any student anywhere, in any country. The miracle of technology has now made K12 online courses the solution to global education.

With interactive, adaptive learning that allows for pre and post assessing, there is now no excuse for students falling behind. The engaging environment of K12 courses online meet today’s student where they already are; at their computer. For the modern student who is always online, why not teach them with the modality of receiving information that they are used to?

Dorado Learning is a one stop solution for K-12 school automation, with a library of 50,000+ digital modules, we provide the best digital content and a range of school automation software’s. Our LMS has a capability of working online as well as offline, specially designed for low or no Internet bandwidth regions.

The course builder application helps the teachers to develop their own course material and subjective and objective assessments.