Sundays are always special and so was the last Sunday when I had a party and enjoyed delicious fare. The hangover knocked me next day when I woke up with chest pain in the morning. The chest felt constricted and tight for a while and then after taking rest it subsided. I prepared myself for seeing the doctor. I came out of my home with my best friend forever (BFF) you guessed it right my cell phone! I don’t leave my home sans this BFF.

Preliminary examinations were over. The doctor looked into my vitals and asked about any specific complaint.  The first complaint came instantly …. I had a chest pain in the morning … dunno (read I don’t know) but something is not right with my heart. He started something and slipped slowly his laptop in front of me. A whisper from my doctor informed that I am going to see my heart and it was in front of me pumping, relaxing, with the systole and diastole in a beautiful rhythm. Left and right atrium, ventricle(s), aorta and vena cava – all working in the harmony the world can swear by! Wow!!! It started talking to me – “Hi I am Hearty.

I could not stop myself but could utter a few words in astonishment.

Me: Hi nice to see you.

Hearty: You look beat, what have you been doing?

Me: Nothing new, just routine work. But yes, let me tell you, I had a party last night and it was awesome. Everyone had a blast. But thought of visiting a doctor to ensure my heart’s health.

Hearty:  I am so glad that you thought about me. I was wondering why you’ve forgotten me. Remember the childhood days when you used to play outdoor games throwing challenge to me for more of oxygen and we both worked hard to be fit. Why don’t you play these games now?

I did not feel even remotely qualified to answer but continued the conversation.

Me: Busy life …hectic schedules my dear friend.

Hearty:  Oh, your erratic schedules. That is why you don’t have time for cleansing your systems. Have you ever realized that I give you oxygen for life and you give me plaques which makes my vessels fat!!!

Although I disagreed, but somehow felt that the discussion was good natured.

Me: What is that? And don’t forget that I cannot clean you as you are inside my body! You need to clean your arteries and veins clear.

Hearty: I always do clean myself but don’t throw your left overs at me! It is your bad cholesterol which affects me and this tiny irritant in my life – your cell phone. It makes my functioning worst.

Me: Oh come on, how can it trouble you; today’s generation cannot live without it. These gadgets are smarter than you, me or anybody.

Hearty:  At least don’t use yourself as a parking space for your cell phone. You know it hurts me!!! Radiation coming from cell-phones is neither good for me nor for my companions – I mean your other organs. You want to confirm, then see medical animations, 2D and 3 D animations and e-learning videos to make you aware! You have forgotten your best friend.  I am with you since your existence and will remain loyal to you throughout your life.

It was one of those moments when your head goes blank just as the last few words trickle out of the conversation. I could only utter a few words but don’t remember what exactly I have spoken.

Hearty knew that it was inevitable that the conversation would continue. I heard murmurs from Hearty. He just said, “And you…I mean we must go for hangout sometimes. Keep playing, exercising, and taking a break when you can wrap me carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries and avoid all entanglements. Trust me I will be safe. I promise I will not change. I will become unbreakable, impenetrable, unalterable.”

Convinced? This time the voice came from my doctor who actually played a 3D Animation video of medical and health topics. I came back from my inward journey. This time to share my experience and information with you in a little organized way.

heart-talks-3d-animationsCell phones are the common man’s satellite which keeps him connected to the world. It is very obvious that they have made our lives easier because they help us in our business, health, entertainment and socializing. But part of this communication package is the invisible health hazard – radiation. The radiation emitting form cell phones reaches to us and penetrate into our body. This radiation is harmful and can cause heart disease if we keep the cell phones near our body. It does get stronger if the signal is weak. There are certain other health problems observed, and cell phone health hazards list is extending:

  • Memory loss
  • Brain tumors
  • DNA alteration
  • Genetic damage
  • Dry eye
  • Muscle problem
  • Damage to brain
  • Damage to skin
  • Interference with pace makers

If you can notice, screens on cell phone devices tend to be smaller than computer screens which means people are more likely to squint and strain eyes while reading messages. Children absorb more energy from cell phone. Another surprising fact is that cell phone chargers emit low-frequency EMF.

The medical reports suggest that the best possible way to keep yourself healthy is to reduce its usage, keep it away from your body, use head phones, and avoid using cell phones when charging is low.

  • Everyone should be very restrictive with using cell phones
  • Try to reduce the usage of cell phone and use landlines as much as possible
  • Minimize accessing social networking sites through cell phones
  • Keep your calls short
  • Use hand-free kit
  • Get wired, it is no coincidence that most cell phones come with a wired ear piece.
  • Text more, talk less
  • Most importantly, spread awareness

healthy-living-3d-animationEvery educational institute, school, organization, society should spread awareness.  New educational technologies and methodologies prove to be capable of solving many issues and challenges. One of them is using e-learning with traditional instructor-led training, i.e. blended learning. Innovations in e-learning technologies point toward a revolution in learning, allowing learning to be individualized (adaptive learning), enhancing learners’ interactions with others (collaborative learning) which in turn enhance the magnitude of the impact.

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