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K-12 Products Partnership

Dorado Learning LLC, a Delaware registered Education Technology Company

K-12 Digital Content

It is the complete digital 2D and 3D animation based education content, which can be easily localized as per the school based curriculum. We have lot of implementation case studies around the globe including, Asian, Middle East, European regions.

Dorado Learning, LLC is a Delaware registered Education Technology Company with its development offices in India. We are offering a wide range of products and services such as to serve edTech market such as SmartSchool 360, an ideal product for the K-12 education segment in the quest to digitize their education system. We strongly believe that every education institutions have their own set of needs and associated challenges. Therefore, right from conceptualization to the final delivery, we provide the tailor made solutions that help Schools and institutions harness the best possible technology available.

This product has a unique combination of four different products, which enable any school or institution to implement ICT at one go, the products are mentioned below:

Online/Offline LMS

Our LMS is available in both the mechanisms; Offline and online solution. This enables the entire schools eLearning ecosystem integrated on a single platform. It has a unique linkage between the online and offline system specifically for the geographical regions where still Internet or a high bandwidth is a severe problem. How it works? Just recall, if you write an email on Ms Outlook, it is stored in outbox, as soon as you connect the device with Internet, it sends the message instantly. The LMS modes work in a similar fashion, it stores the results and other student activities within the device and as soon as the device is connected, it uploads and downloads the necessary files automatically.


Its is a robust assessment software, that has been specially designed for schools to enable them to conduct online/offline tests among students and analyze their results on real time basis.


This is an artificial intelligence based application, which has capabilities of addressing queries on real time basis from the database or through the group members.

We are looking for local partners to promote our range of products, please get in touch to avail handsome revenue sharing model

eLearning Industry Overview

Strategic Partnership Program

We are looking for serious business partners and not everyone is serious! So we have some criteria’s before empaneling the partners, who is actually interested in some business.

Criteria depends on the region where you are located and your experience in the education industry. We would be glad to know about your key management personnel’s.

Authorized Strategic partners receive a branded e-commerce solution integrated with a feature rich Learning Management System (LMS) to offer content licenses to their customers. Our 50,000+ learning resources are fully hosted and supported by a 24×7 help desk and can be integrated with a variety of LMS systems. Strategic Partners work with our Business Solutions team to work on proposals for LMS, SmartSchool 360 and other range of Custom Projects. Partners are also appointed to a dedicated Channel Manager to assist with sales and business plans.

  • Aggressive revenue-sharing model
  • New Generation product offerings
  • 24×7 support for your students
  • Over 50,000+ learning resources
  • End-to-end learning solutions for Academic and Corporate buyers
  • Dedicated Channel Manager Consultants
  • Branded marketing support
  • Sales support and assistance
  • Access to advanced technology platform for sales reporting

Dedicated Account Manager

Our strategic partner program provides a hands-on experience. New partners are assigned an account manager to assess their needs and facilitate growth. Questions and feedback are always welcome.

Growth Sector

Online learning and training is here to stay. We have experienced double-digit growth for each year of its existence. This trend is expected to continue.

Trusted Brand

We have offered the most comprehensive learning solutions in more than 20 countries.

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