At Dorado we believe that each student should be treated equally. However, traditional classrooms are not able to offer individually focused and flexible learning to each student. Parents and teachers who go for k12 recognize the high performance based nature of individualized education. Thus we are the best k12 solution for your kids’ education.

Dorado Learning has an exclusive range of products K-12 products. Our products are already used by over 100,000 students world wide. The range includes K-12 2D and 3D animation library of over 50,000 modules. The modules are structured in a molecular format so that they can be mapped with any curriculum easily. Our content has been approved by various Educational Government Bodies internationally, such as Central Board of Secondary Education, Government of India, so it actually certify the authentication and quality of the content.

We are actively providing K-12 solutions in USA, South East Asia, Middle East, Australia and Africa through dedicated partners. For partnership enquiries, please Click here.

Key Features

Digital content

Digital content to take K12 eLearning education to the next level with flexible options for customization and localization. Mobile and tables compatible content.

Assessment Software

Find out how students are doing with our assessment software. This enables you to ensure every student’s progress and make adjustments based upon the level a student scores.

Online/Offline LMS

The LMS (learning management system) can be made available online or offline. This makes it possible to deliver content to students with or without an internet connection.

Build Your Courses

Create eBooks and build your own courses with “Teacher Mate”. Build courses as you need. User friendly software handy for non tech people.

Universal curriculum

What we offer at Dorado is truly a universal curriculum because we have localization built in from the ground up. This ensures that regional languages can be accounted for when establishing eLearning for kids.

Interactive eBooks

Interactive eBooks can make learning more exciting than a standard textbook. The books can be viewed online or from a mobile device. Instead of just reading words on a page, the content can be delivered in innovative ways.

Why Dorado's elearning Program?

Our eLearning program offers some of the best K12 eLearning content in the industry. We have had over one million students go through our learning programs around the globe and we continue to provide a high level of innovation. We provide 2D and 3D animation as well as custom learning so that every student and every school have exactly what they need. At Dorado Learning, we believe that lesson plans should be adaptable. While we have out-of-the-box solutions, we also provide customization solutions to meet even the most discernible of educational goals.

Dorado’s K12 Curriculum

Dorado’s K12 Curriculum comes with different localization options related to medium of Language, voice over and accent, course curriculum and regional sensibilities. Content can be customized easily and our team is 24X7 ready to make it compatible with your District’s or state’s curriculum.

Looking for customized eLearning content options?

When providing a K12 eLearning education, it needs to work for your school and your students. We understand that we may not have the modules you need based upon the desired curriculum. However, we offer customized content to provide a premium online school and learning experience. You can pick and choose what you want to teach and we will go through the content development with you every step of the way. There are various stages of development to ensure you get the kind of content you wish to deliver to students – and whether it is 2D animations, interactive eBooks, or mobile games, we’re happy to work with you every step of the way.

Delivery Mechanism

The K-12 animations are compatible with all the majorly available gadgets and operating system, this means, that they run easily on Windows, Android, iOS etc. The content can be accessed through both Online and Offline models. This product can easily be bundled with an Assessment software and an LMS.


The K-12 content can easily be localized in your regional language. We have done various localization for different clients world wide. Besides localization, the content characters and back grounds can be changed as per your regional culture.