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Developing a training program
The factors that help in developing a training program

Developing a training program requires the amalgamation of several factors. Before that, however, you need to have a concrete strategy. You cannot work on thin air or create mirrors out or mirage. You need to ensure a plinth; a foundation for the building to stand on. A training program should culminate in preparing you as an authority on the theme. It should make use of all available resources and the expertise of professionals in a streamlined manner. The operative word here is dynamism; the program cannot afford to be static. Here are 10 factors that assist in the creation of a program –

  1. Constructive criticism – Firstly, you need constructive criticism. Is the training program feasible? Is it possible to arrange the demography required? Is the infrastructure apt to manage the necessities? When all questions are answered, you get a nod to proceed.
  2. Bringing learners – Now, the learners have to be introduced into the scheme; with well-fed ideas and roles. After all, they carry on the practical processes being supervised by the instructors. The instruction has to be apt and precise; no holes remaining.
  3. The environment – The learners and teachers should naturally strike a solid camaraderie. The environment should be progressive, not restrictive. There should be eminent interactive sessions to solve any questions that may rack the learners’ mind.
  4. Case studies – You need reference materials for developing a training program. The analogous case studies reinforce your perspicacity towards the program. Of course, some adjustments have to be made as the environment, locality and times are different.
  5. The integrated modules – The learners should have access to a varied range of integrated modules to get enlightened in regard to the training program and its aspirations. This is a priority and the instructor’s team has to manage the glut with systemic precision.
  6. Goals and objectives – The training program has to have goals and objectives. There needs to be a streamlined approach towards the ultimate entity. This also sharpens the mind and make-up of learners participating in the program.
  7. Gaining feedback – It is ideal to gather feedback from the learners who come from various regions and mindsets. This helps in charting an aspect of positivity for the program. Learners can share their experiences with analogous training programs and discuss their successes or failures.
  8. The tools – The online tools and other relevant technologies should be handy in helping learners into the hands-on tasks. It also assists in expediting the training. The whole program may be extremely inconvenient without the tools.
  9. Smart cut-outs – E-books, videos, podcasts; social media interaction; all these should be up to scratch. Learners will have better means to reach their ends. This also helps in making a schematic presentation when the time comes.
  10. Proper instructions – Learners should be imparted clear and crisp instructions for developing a training program. Of course, they perpetually have the support of instructors and facilitators for that. They can approach the faculty members for the necessary light.

In conclusion

All these factors are necessary towards developing programs in a systemic way and becoming authoritative in the discipline. The learners should be triggered with points of interest on a regular basis.

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e-learning in higher education
How to avail e-learning in higher education

Humans evolve because they are mostly amenable enough to absorb changes. The educational format has got a crucial fillip through the concretization of e-learning. Now, intelligently created modules and systems can be availed to strengthen the cause in higher education. Higher education necessitates that you remain completely conversant with the goings-on. E-learning makes this a lot more feasible. Through interactions; assistance of modules and well-defined processes, you find yourself in a better position to understand your course and in effect, a significant lot about the thematic subject.

Referring to resources

E-learning gives a new dimension to pedagogical techniques. The faculty members have greater resources to refer to while educating learners. The learners know they can easily allude to methodical references and helpful materials to gain a greater grasp of complex segments. Online intervention has made this world a lot more convenient.

You should ideally have a plan while taking e-learning courses. These courses have a fixed time period and weekly schedules, unless the courses are self paced. Now, you have the facility to take it at your convenience of time. This is precisely where you should not take the lenient route; but bind yourself to a rigid schedule which you would do with offline courses. The inherent discipline makes you learn with more enterprise.

You are required to be well-versed with the online tools to utilize the e-learning resources well. The course runs along with a view that you are well-heeled with the technical aspect and are not a layman. If you are, you will find it hard to avail e-learning in higher education.

Practical strategies

E-learning also creates formats to test your skill and acuity. There are intuitive and intelligent tests to assess your retentive skills by putting you into a firm practical process. You need to literally solve the puzzle and show a situational grasp of the course.

Higher education requires technical proficiency as well as inherent confidence. The availability of resources, tools and systemic modules in tow makes it a blessing through e-learning. A new Diaspora has evolved; hybrid learning where virtues of physical classes are mixed with the highs of online learning to make learner’s knowledge more potent.

The greatest aspect of e-learning is its flexibility. While physical courses have rigid syllabi, online courses can always change their colors if there is a sudden rush in a different trend in relevance to the subject of choice. Also, technologies can be generously updated and new systems can be ingratiated to be better covered.

Riding challenges

Yes, there are challenges galore. Sometimes, the suggested time period may not be enough to cover the entire course, especially if there are too many interactive sessions on demand. Your Internet speed may not be up to scratch; leading to a damp squib. The hands-on activities may not pass muster. Yet, it has to be said that e-learning in higher education is more a boon than bane.

With dynamic changes in the online field, e-learning will keep gaining grounds and will soon be a necessary stream for higher education.

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Getting started with M-Learning

Traditionally, learners have had text books, reference materials and assignment copies to refer to in case of confusions. When computers came, their choices grew and they got blessed with the PCs and laptops. There was and is, however, an acute problem with these. Now, you cannot carry your PCS and laptops everywhere you go. While it is easier to carry books and copies, they are not always feasible and logical. Thus, mobile learning or M-learning has to be given credit for spreading retentive options for learners of all ages and walks.

An expansive scope

M-Learning is not only meant for learners. Office goers, start-ups and enthusiasts can make its use to get information on critical matters related to their vocation. All they require is a Smartphone that offers them the option to educate.

M-learning is all about making communications convenient. You can hold direct talks or chats with teachers and instructors on the online circuits. You can also download materials and go through them even as you travel. All you require is detection of mobile signal.

You also gain a thorough concept of things by multi-tasking and referring to credible sites and sources. You should anyhow keep the reference materials in cloud storage, ready to be picked for tabs. M-Learning has made the platform for hybrid learning very smooth.

Dorado Learning

Dorado Learning has already taken huge steps into educational technology through its refined ways and round the clock service (thanks majorly through the Indian offices).  It blends the mechanism, technical inputs and integrated modules in the same fold.

Dorado Learning is ranked among the best in the regime of e-learning companies. It strives for perfection through regular updates and ingratiation of requisite methods and technologies.  Its emphasis on blended learning is a means to insert M-learning.

The practical processes

Now, learners can gain the necessary information moments before their exams begin. Job-oriented people can get a run-in into infrastructure and techniques. Training people can learn a lot about modules and gain tidbits about how to emerge from tough situations.

M-Learning has offered learners with a unique option of rechecking what they learn in physical schools. Now, they don’t have to depend on self-prepared notes, which might be erroneous. They have graded information to fall on at their fingertips.

Yes, there are a few downsides. The major problem relates to the bandwidth and signal problems, which make it slightly off-hand in rural settings. Also, your Smartphone may not be compatible to hold all features or some resource materials may not be mobile compatible. In time, Dorado Learning should tweak these problems by presenting stylized mobile compatible resources to learners.

In conclusion

When you consider the cost-effective and extremely efficacious trajectory of M-learning, you feel that it is a crime not to utilize its junctures. Yes, there are a few corners to be polished but it is a potential mind-storm. The opportunities that M-learning offers towards gracing education are significant.

The world is going mobile.

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What is a learning management system? What are its positives?

A graded dictionary contains meanings and usages of almost all words in use. It acts as one stop-shop; a unique reference point for learning enthusiasts. We hanker after such shops in every academic discipline.

Spreading information

When elearning came to the scene, there were doubts about its functionality and operational status. It has weeded out those doubts with clinical precision and a sway of systems. In this light, you may be tempted to ask – What is a learning management system? The answer is simple; Learning Management System (LMS) is a one-stop shop.

It pegs all informative content into a methodical armory. It then plans a semantic manner of disseminating information to learners. Meanwhile, it keeps the records of the information purveyed as well as the retentive capacity of learners. In tune, it sets a schematic goal for spreading information.

Firm and consistent

It keeps its layout firm and consistent. Right from learner’s registration to his introduction into the course; from the analysis of his potential to his scope of development; every data is meticulously prepared. It is for the benefit of the learner as well as others to get an idea.

It keeps integrating with other management systems to enhance performance of the learner. The regular reports and schedules keep the progression on track. It is not for nothing that decent traditional colleges also make use of LMS.

Reaching far out

The navigation is simple and the source is same. It extends its prowess through far-reaching territories, bringing people from different cultures under one ambit. This naturally creates the scene for an assimilation of random and diffracting ideas.

The interactive courses; pivotal use of videos and infographics (we humans are largely visual) all help in learning with better understanding. The instructors too get a head-on while continuing with courses; online or traditional.

The positives

A well-sketched LMS has numerous positives. Two of them have already been mentioned. The fact that it has an exponential reach cannot be doubted as a big high. Also, the convenience it brings to learners through visual and audio options is startling.

Another significant positive is the tracking seamlessness. Since all data are captured and methodically reserved, the authorities are better-equipped to assess the development quotients of learners as well as analyze their inherent tendencies.

A powerhouse deliverer

Since LMS is a powerhouse deliverer, you know you don’t have to move anywhere else. The modules, operative models; reference materials, necessary data; learning inputs, all are embedded in a perfect LMS with aplomb.

You can obviously deduce a remarkable positive; that of its flexibility. When you miss a physical class owing to illness, there is no way to imbibe what went there. However, you can trace and absorb the education imparted through an LMS lecture anytime you feel free.

The changing questions

In time, as the dynamics change, the questions will begin to differ. No longer will one ask – What is a learning management system? The answer will be ubiquitously known. The question will shift to – How far we can reach in our lives through LMS?

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How e learning in medical education can help you in your vocation

The field of medicine is very expansive; and you can choose from among a slew of jobs in the genre. From a specialized doctor to a qualified nurse; from a dietitian to a radiology technician; there are too many jobs that also reside between the lines.

Assault with preparation

Now, if you wish to go far in your vocation, you should begin the assault with due preparation. Your traditional education hardly gives you that zing; it is more in reserve fold with general ascriptions provided to learners.

You will feel the heat when you actually take the job and understand the complications of the job at hand. Healthcare centers are generally abuzz with patients and you have to be clinical and quick; even with operations. Time is an immense factor here.

Arming with specialties

Where e learning in medical education helps is to arm you with specialties. Decent elearning providers absorb the credible quotients of traditional syllabus and synthesize that with practical maneuvers to strengthen the online course.

Where it scores high is in the hands-on experience. You get a simulated environment (you may even have to create the model; an additional learning experience). Here, you are given a time-frame in which to conjure what you are desired to do with aplomb and correctness.

Convenience of reference

You also avail integrated modules for general references whenever you feel confused. Since you are online, the referencing becomes duly convenient. Add that to the fact that you pursue elearning at a time when there is least chance of distraction and you get the best chance to concentrate.

There is obviously no compromise made with the theoretical aspect. It is the practical fold that emboldens you; typically when you eye an attentive profile such as a nurse or an esthetician. The latest system of blended learning calibrates elearning with more resolve; and makes you avail the goods of both the worlds (physical and virtual).

The helpful sessions

The sessions with medical luminaries and interactions with colleagues keeps you thoroughly updated with the course. Since you need to pass the final test, you obviously need to be sincere to the charts. Regular inspection of what you have gathered and your pick-ups from the modules keep your knowledge refreshed.


Thus, when you actually take on the vocation, you feel more prepared. The traditional courses are of course important since their degrees hold greater prominence. With elearning, you learn to translate your inherent knowledge into committing in crisis situations. It embeds a kinetic aggression in you.

Conversant with trends

New technologies keep building in the medical field; just as the list of diseases keeps growing. Elearning keeps you conversant with the trends and is thoroughly helped by its dynamic stature. There is always the option of a midway insertion. Your knowledge thus remains thoroughly processed.

Also, the e learning in medical education is generally a short course; so you are directly brought to the business issues. There is hardly any fluff or frivolity thrown in to fill time. It follows a streamlined path and keeps strengthening your core.

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Analytical strategies used by top training and development companies

Top training and development companies have long understood the worth and promise of elearning. They visualize that this is going to be a predominant future trend. Thus, they are not leaving any stones upturned to ensure that when the time comes, they are rated as pioneers of the art.

Ever on the lookout

They have the wherewithal and the understanding that stagnation bears stench. Thus, they are ever on the lookout to infuse new trajectories into elearning. How can they offer a greater sentient platform to learners to learn online? They keep grating the answer.

One of the best facilities that naturally come to their scheme of things is the analytical strategies. They know, through rigorous observance and research that strategies ought to be analyzed and passed through quality checks. It does not help to be prejudicial about these matters.

Tweaking assisting spheres

They understand that elearning is not going to replace physical lectures some time soon. What these top training and development companies therefore do is sharpen the auxiliary spheres. The convenience factor; the reference points; the integrated modules, the interactions; the webinars all are methodically conjured.

They make sure that elearning layout is quite user-friendly and extremely navigable. The learners get the facility of seamlessly switching from the traditional to the virtual version s through the potency of blended or hybrid learning. You cannot ask for more.

Influence and interaction

They have also earmarked a rather untouched arena. They feel that most learners take to different fields than they would wish to and thus do not reach the pinnacle. You may be influenced by your parents or be utterly confused about your inclinations. They implement the strategy to assess learners’ strengths and accordingly indicate them the fruitful direction.

Regular interaction with luminaries is a pivotal analytical strategy. You feel encouraged to reach their heights and are impressed with the ease that they bring to their vocation. You practically understand how it is possible to grow within and without the ambit. After all, you meet the proponents.

Streamlining specifics

These companies also streamline schedules in a refined way so that all concomitant researches being done on your subject of choice naturally reaches you. Computer technologies; update of trends and other factors lead to that.

One more effective strategy is to place you in the thick of things; with a spatially created working model. The hands-on experience that you gather and the presence of mind that you need to show; they come from your grounding. Thus, you need to carefully assimilate what is taught in regulation.

A nice mix

Networked education is another efficient strategy in which you can share your insights with others in the course. A reservoir is created with differential pool of ideas and the road ahead becomes convenient.

Through these analytical strategies, top training and development companies strive towards a sharper you. They blend it with the diligently created modules and models; and enrich it with experienced people on their payroll to add new dimensions to education. The wagon rolls on.

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Reasons why Dorado Learning ranks on the top of best eLearning companies

When Internet spread its wares; there was a natural upsurge in the demand for online education learning. The eLearning Guild was conceived to further its cause and soon accumulated best elearning companies. Dorado Learning is a proud cog in the wheel.

Absorbing the need

We, at Dorado Learning have inherently absorbed the need of the times; the need to be processed, refined and graded. We have has several formats and modules in place to help our clients with their variegated interests. Whether it is e-learning in higher education; e learning in medical education or countless other modes; we act as a bastion.

The reason why we at Dorado Learning rank so high among best elearning companies is our gift of specialization. We pride ourselves on a carefully chosen team of deft and result-oriented professionals. Our team members have inordinate experience in defining eLearning scopes and trends.

Our adaptable programs

Our interactive training programs fuels people of all ages and ranks. They conform to kids as well as adults; they enlighten start-ups and hone the skills of entrepreneurs. Elearning is anyway extremely dynamic and the learners need to update themselves with the upcoming technologies.

At Dorado Learning, there is a continual urge in imbibing the folds. We keep assessing the methods and molds of top training and development companies and don’t blench from appreciating if something impressive comes out in our assessment.

We keep strengthening our bases with streamlined MOOCS based on SAAS system. We rarefy custom content development with equal gravity as we do with a course builder site. We have an instinctive understanding of what the client may desire for; and make earnest endeavors to present them fortuitously.

The ace up our sleeves

Our trump card is the highly inventive and specialized K12 technology which has graced elearning with new elegance and progress. We have an enormous library of more than 50, 000 digital content modules which the clients can view and review for their education and understanding. All our modules have been painstakingly acquired.

We have also made extensive use of Mobile Technology in furthering the education to Smartphone users. We have methodized a highly efficacious blended learning system and have even ingratiated top corporate learning managed systems into our fold. In effect, Dorado Learning comes out as a one-stop shop for elearning.

With us, the clients don’t only learn the manner of developing a training program or get an idea of what is a learning management system; they get a holistic idea of the pattern if you will. Dorado Learning has also come out with a unique strategy to make the education-imparting more assertive.

An effective strategy

While our parent company sits in USA, we have got development offices in India. This solves two emergent problems. Firstly, this makes elearning an intensively cost-effective entity. Secondly, it covers both time zones so can keep up with a round-the-clock agenda.

We pit each client with an Account Manager, who serves as an effective point of reference. Thus, the client knows who to talk to and what to expect. This clarity and transparency is what has made us a leader of our walks.

We have already garnered extreme appreciation from Asian Governmental bodies for our elearning training development. We, at Dorado Learning are growing by the minute; by the day.

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interactive K12 education
How interactive K12 education works? Benefits of eLearning for K12 students

What do you think of when you remember your elementary school experience? Many recall the heavy books that they used to have to lug all the way to and from school. Others may remember the No. 2 pencils they had to have, and that big, fat pink eraser for all the mistakes.

There used to be a lot to keep track of then. Books had to be in good condition when they were returned and you weren’t allowed to highlight them or write in any comments. Thankfully, much has changed since then. What used to be a big book bag loaded down with paper and pencils, is now giving way to tablet PCs and laptops.

Interactive K12 Education For All

A growing number of school systems around the globe are turning to K12 learning online to keep the curriculum as current as they can get and to offset the expense of ordering books for their students. With K12 online courses, there is no need to keep track of books and worry about the depreciation of their condition. Digital learning makes it possible to minimize text investments and drive up the quality of the content.

With interactive K12 education, students of all levels and abilities are able to learn with an adaptive curriculum that gives the student what they need to fill in the skill gaps through pre and post assessments. Teachers are able to view reports of all of the students’ activities in their learning environments, so nothing slips through the cracks in terms of a student falling behind without anyone realizing.

For the school administrator, advanced reporting with K12 online courses allows a school administrator to see how the student body is performing, as far as curriculum delivery, at any given time. You could never do that with paper tests and books.

K12 Online Schools Make Learning Anywhere Possible

With K12 online courses and online schools, the learner is able to attend their classes wherever they are. There is now no longer a need for a student to sit in classroom. A tablet PC or laptop is all that is needed for excellent curriculum delivery. For children with disabilities that hinder classroom interaction by the student, learning delivery and knowledge transfer is now more possible than ever.

Students in remote areas are able to attend K12 Online Schools wherever they can receive an Internet connection. Where some students around the globe have resigned them to a substandard education before, now they are able to learn, grow and compete academically with any student anywhere, in any country. The miracle of technology has now made K12 online courses the solution to global education.

With interactive, adaptive learning that allows for pre and post assessing, there is now no excuse for students falling behind. The engaging environment of K12 courses online meet today’s student where they already are; at their computer. For the modern student who is always online, why not teach them with the modality of receiving information that they are used to?

Dorado Learning is a one stop solution for K-12 school automation, with a library of 50,000+ digital modules, we provide the best digital content and a range of school automation software’s. Our LMS has a capability of working online as well as offline, specially designed for low or no Internet bandwidth regions.

The course builder application helps the teachers to develop their own course material and subjective and objective assessments.

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Science education for K12
The Role of E-Learning in Science education for K12 students

For many school systems, delivering quality Science education for K12 has been a challenge. In order to provide advanced learning for in science for k12 curriculum, a teacher with a high degree of education was needed to ensure this was possible. The equipment needed to be able to provide top experimentation has also been cost-prohibitive to school systems who would otherwise love to provide this kind of education to their students, but there was not much to be done in the k12 education system to meet this gap in curriculum.

You can teach what many school systems around the globe are catching on to, E-Learning in Science education for K12 students. Yes, it is true. You can provide an excellent quality curriculum delivery in Science education for K12 through the use of technology. K12 curriculum for online courses is interactive and engaging for the younger students, as well as high school. Curriculum delivery is adaptive, challenging and fun, so students are more apt to stay engaging in their learning and have a greater knowledge transfer with online learning versus traditional methods.

High School Classes Online Meet Students Where They Want To Be

 Today’s teens are ever present on the Internet. Their use of online games, platforms and social environments make it an easy transfer to also deliver their entire academic recommendation for high school classes online. Students who want to take advantage of k12 curriculum at any level are able to do so through the use of an Internet connection and a laptop or Tablet PC. Knowledge is gained where the student is most comfortable and delivered in an environment that they prefer.

 The results are better learning retention, a more engaged student and a better quality K12 education system overall. There certainly are a growing number of solutions out there for k12 curriculum online, so you want to be sure that you find a quality solution.

 In India, the CBSE has approved the use of eLearning across the country in their k12 education system. Dorado Learning has delivered CBSE approved K12 digital content to over 100,000 students and more than 1000 schools. With a track record that good, it is well worth the effort to see if Dorado Learning is for you and your k12 education system.

Today’s Student Is Promised A Brighter Tomorrow

 K12 curriculum online makes it possible for students in any demographic to receive the same quality education that they deserve in order to be successful, productive citizens in their local community and worldwide. The global marketplace makes it absolutely necessary for students to be able to compete academically, especially if they aspire to attend the top universities around the globe.

Students feel more confident when they are learning in environments that are familiar to them. Wouldn’t it make sense to have high school classes online and other k12 curriculum available on demand, so they are able to study and learn no matter where they are and no matter what time they need to access it…

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Dorado Learning at Devlearn
Dorado Learning to attend DEVLEARN CONFERENCE 2014 – Content development services with competitive pricing options


29th Oct 2014 – 31st Oct 2014, Booth # 233, Devlearn 2014, The Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


The eLearning Guild is the oldest and most trusted source of information, networking, and community for eLearning Professionals. As a member-driven organization, the Guild produces conferences, online events, eBooks and research reports for the industry. Among the many events that the e-Learning Guild organizes, the DevLearn Conference & Expo is, by far, North America’s leading event focused on learning technologies. This event is designed for professionals who want to be on the leading edge of the emerging technologies in the training and learning industry.


Dorado learning, LLC is an education technology Solutions Company based in USA with development offices in India known as Smart School Education Private Limited.

The management team comprises of professionals from global consulting firms having background in Engineering, Management and International Marketing.

 We provide one-stop solution to our esteemed clients, which majorly include pedagogical institutions and corporate entities. Our wide range of learning solutions is created specifically to cater to the particular needs of our clients that include Custom Content Development, a Learning Management System, An Assessment Suite and a Course Builder Application. We also specialize in multiple online and on-site technology and management trainings.

 We are one of the biggest brands in Asian markets for implementing K-12 technology solutions and possess an extensive library of 50,000+ digital content modules. The library includes 2D and 3D animations for schools kids with interactive assessments. Our content is approved and appreciated by several educational government bodies in Asia.

Dorado Learning is an establishment with the objective to develop and deliver cutting- edge learning solutions that would enable the end-users understands and internalizes intricate learning concepts. We utilize the very latest technology for providing Web-based training, Blended learning, Mobile learning, simplified Learning Platform Technology, as well as online tutoring.

 We are powered by a team of highly qualified professionals with more than 10 years of rich experience in the e-learning domain. We showcase our expertise by creating customized content for individual clients based upon their specific requirements and the respective industries to which they belong.

Whatever your e-learning requirements may be, Dorado Learning guarantees to offer highly productive and cost-effective e-learning solutions that would save you loads in time, expenses, effort which would be the best means of getting your message across and help your company to launch into a propitious future.


Adaptation of Hybrid Model: The project managers are based in USA and skilled development team is based in India, this gives 24×7 access to the client as we work in both the time zones. Also, being the development team in India gives an additional edge on competitive pricing.

Strong Processes: Besides a strict project management plan, we follow a strict Single Point of Contact process for our clients, also known as an Account Manager. So, no emails between multiple contacts or management team, you will have one point solution for all the requirements.

High Quality Resources: Our rock star team comprises of highly experienced and trained professionals. The team has in-depth knowledge to perceive them best for our clients.


Booth # 233, Devlearn 2014, The Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada from 29th Oct 2014 – 31st Oct 2014



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