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MOOCs – Strength or Weakness

Massive Open Online Courses, its like a new Tsunami/Sandy :) in the education technology market, an eye candy for the investors, an opportunity for the media press releases for high fund raising by some brands… good or average, but its actually turning the education technology market in a new era.

I know, many of you might not have even heard of a MOOC, but believe me… you will definitely be signing up for some or the other course in next couple of days/months. This is something new and interesting to grab your attention for couple of years from now until someone doesn’t workout a perfect revenue model except selling the courses online. Now, Mooc’s as a concept are also been launched with an option of paid and free courses, I know they can not be pronounced as MOOC’s, coz, the actual concept is being defeated. These courses could be anything and everything; say a professional, technical, vocational, Higher Ed and even K-12 courses.

Now, being these courses available for “F R E E”, I am not sure whether they are valued by the students who attend/enroll these courses. Study says, even after enrolling courses through MOOC platforms, there is a drop rate of 30-40% people, who are not finishing their courses. These courses are generally short courses ranging between 4-6 weeks or so. But still I strongly feel that the concept has been left open ended. Neither a degree, revenue or a job value after finishing these courses. They just add values to your knowledge and skills.

Moreover, how do you know that the courses offered through various people in the world are actually giving us the right information and skills. Let’s not fall on a wrong line 😉

A background check of the instructor is really essential and the content provided by them should be authenticated. I see some of the portals such as Udemy and Coursera have the best of the instructors or course partners, these partners are in their industry from ages and have a strong background, and this is actually clear from the related partner web pages on the platform. This seems to be a better idea to offer these courses, so at least we have the right knowledge in place.

All the comments made above are my personal views, please don’t feel offended by any of the comments above. The industry is really moving on a good pace and innovation is at its best.

I am always curious on your  thoughts and suggestions on MOOC’s.

Now, this one’s funny, I actually enrolled a course, while writing this post… 😉

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