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Hearty Talks

Sundays are always special and so was the last Sunday when I had a party and enjoyed delicious fare. The hangover knocked me next day when I woke up with chest pain in the morning. The chest felt constricted and tight for a while and then after taking rest it …

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Sep 14,2016
Organ Donation – Medical Animation4
“Medical Miracle that Unites Two Lives” By Dorado Learning – Medical Animation company

When two worlds or two lives intermingle, the phenomenon is called Organ Donation. The beauty of medical science manifests itself in all its glory when a life can be recycled. When Eduard Konrad Zirm successfully performed a corneal transplant, harvested from a cadaver, for the first time in 1905, he opened …

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Sep 1,2016
Disability elearning - Let the Sports Begin!
Let the Sports Begin!

Long-awaited Olympics have just started and for the coming few days we will be watching the athletes in their best performances and prime conditions. Coming September, Paraolympics is also starting in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. These Games will see two new sports to the Paralympic program; canoeing and the paratriathlon. A few weeks …

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Aug 17,2016
Three Dimensional 3D Medical Animation
Three Dimensional (3D) Medical Animation – The Booster Dose for Clinical Trials

Pharma, Healthcare and Medical worlds are expanding and this expansion is multi directional. As the development is moving towards novel drug delivery system and customized medicine and therapies, patients are more than eager to know how the medicine works and how the body responds to the drug. Every drug goes …

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Jul 28,2016
Zika Virus Infograph
What the world wants to know about Zika virus?

Zika virus disease is caused by a virus transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes. People with Zika virus disease usually have symptoms that can include mild fever, skin rashes, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, malaise or headache. Symptoms of Zika Virus The incubation period (the time from exposure to symptoms) of Zika virus disease is not …

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Mar 5,2016
Developing a training program
The factors that help in developing a training program

Developing a training program requires the amalgamation of several factors. Before that, however, you need to have a concrete strategy. You cannot work on thin air or create mirrors out or mirage. You need to ensure a plinth; a foundation for the building to stand on. A training program should …

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Oct 10,2015
e-learning in higher education
How to avail e-learning in higher education

Humans evolve because they are mostly amenable enough to absorb changes. The educational format has got a crucial fillip through the concretization of e-learning. Now, intelligently created modules and systems can be availed to strengthen the cause in higher education. Higher education necessitates that you remain completely conversant with the …

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Oct 4,2015
Getting started with M-Learning

Traditionally, learners have had text books, reference materials and assignment copies to refer to in case of confusions. When computers came, their choices grew and they got blessed with the PCs and laptops. There was and is, however, an acute problem with these. Now, you cannot carry your PCS and …

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Sep 27,2015
What is a learning management system? What are its positives?

A graded dictionary contains meanings and usages of almost all words in use. It acts as one stop-shop; a unique reference point for learning enthusiasts. We hanker after such shops in every academic discipline. Spreading information When elearning came to the scene, there were doubts about its functionality and operational …

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Sep 20,2015
How e learning in medical education can help you in your vocation

The field of medicine is very expansive; and you can choose from among a slew of jobs in the genre. From a specialized doctor to a qualified nurse; from a dietitian to a radiology technician; there are too many jobs that also reside between the lines. Assault with preparation Now, …

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Sep 13,2015
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